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Here you will learn a little about images, their function, and how they are made. Since the theory behind making effective images is very extensive, I will probably make more posts with information about it in the future.

Make sure to be safe, and feel free to ask us if you have any questions. Making effective and practical images which conduct the power of the heavens is a particularly important skill to have if you want your magic to be effective. There are many types of images, and they can be based on any type of heavenly or earthly source, depending on their purpose. You should get to know some of the more basic images and what they can do if you want an idea of the connection between symbol and function.

In the next post, I plan to go over some of the more basic images, such as those of the zodiac signs, their functions, and how they can be used. Aside from the stars directly concerned with the zodiac and its workings, there are many other constellations and images in the sky, each with its own symbolism and mythological background. For example, Canis Major the Dog is good for casting images to help protect a person or place from plagues or epidemics, edema, and vicious animals. Another example is the constellation called Serpentarius the Snake , which is good for curing poisons and snake bites or other venemous bites.

Zaurak (Gamma Eridani, 34 Eridani) Star Facts - Universe Guide

Just keep in mind the particular image the constellation represents for example, Pegasus pertains to horses, and this is obvious because its image is a winged horse , and if it represents a particular mythological figure with a story behind it, research the figure to learn more about its potential for example, Hercules is a constellation, and he has a long mythological story which can help provide insight into many of the ways his constellation can be used. These are perfectly effective in their own right, and I will briefly discuss their use here. Images of this kind include things like effigies.

You could make an image in the likeness of two people you dislike fighting each other, for example. You could also make an image which looks like a mangled or maimed version of a person or thing which you want to see destroyed or suffering. Just remember that if your image represents a living thing, your desired effect should be written on its belly if your intentions are benevolent, or its back if your intentions are malevolent. Make sure the species of the thing the image depicts is written on its forehead this particular concept of labeling is mentioned twice in Revelation, and probably in numerous other religious or biblical texts.

These images are then treated accordingly. After its creation, what should be done with an image depends on the purpose. They can be left hanging from a relevant place, or worn on the body somewhere, or buried. In the past, British folk magicians and witches would hang many different kinds of charms in their chimneys, some for positive effects or protection, and others for harming people there is some debate as to why they decided to hang the charms there.

They can he hanged from a tree to be exposed to the wind, while hanging them upside-down has different effects than hanging them normally. Sometimes these images are boiled in water. If you can refer to the specific astrological conditions which are present at the time, and to their effects which can help you, you should certainly make sure to do that in your prayer. There are images for the fixed stars, too. These vary depending on the source of information, but I will explain the images the Hermetics tend to use for them.

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Here is an extensive post which details the materials and other things ruled over by the fixed stars as well as the signs and planets. Below are some of the images of the fixed stars, along with their uses.

This image is useful for making a person more bold or noble. It can help protect from injury, and ward off malicious magic and witchcraft. Pleiades has the image of a lamp or a virgin. These images can help you see at night, bring multiple spirits to a place, make the wind blow, and make hidden things seen. Aldebaran has the image of a man flying, which some sources also say is the likeness of God.

This image is useful for gaining wealth and social status.

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This image brings kind intentions from others, and can put you in the favor of the aerial spirits such as those in Ars Theurgia Goetia. It can also help you to calm people who are angry, including people in positions of power or authority. It also helps protect from witchcraft and health problems. It makes people more agreeable and reduces anger. It can protect a person from malicious magic, and helps safe travel.

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It can make a person ambitious and charismatic. It can also cause wet dreams. It can help you get rid of malicious spirits, or draw them in. It can help you gain money and abundance, and protects against ill will and petty mischief. It can help reduce fevers and promote blood health. It can help you be pure and loved by other people. It can help you remember and comprehend things well. It helps you have a healthy complexion.

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  • It can also help you repel or control evil spirits. It can help you be charitable and have good self-esteem. It gives you some control over demons and animals.

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    Delta Capricorni also called Deneb Algedi has the image of a goat or male deer, or an angry man. It can help you gain wealth or success, and can make people angrier. I hope this has given you some understanding of magical images and how they work. Hello, and thanks for asking!

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    Algol is what we call a fixed star. The fixed stars which are usually dealt with just as individual stars in natal astrology, though in other contexts there are definitely important uses for the many constellations of fixed stars are a really interesting and often ignored concept in astrology. This means that in one year, they only move by approximately Since this movement is so negligible, many but not all of the ancient astrologers thought they were completely motionless in the sky. Ptolemy a very influential astrologer who lived in Alexandria, Egypt in the 1 st and 2 nd centuries A.

    Ptolemy in particular was also innovative in his study of the effects of these stars, and compiled a text on the subject. In a natal chart, the fixed stars have the potential to be very powerful forces. As with any astrological conjunction, this becomes more powerful as the fixed star and other point become fewer degrees apart. The particular points in a chart which can be most noticeably affected by a conjunction with fixed stars are the planets and angles.

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    In addition to those, you may want to pay attention to any fixed stars which are conjunct with either of the lunar nodes, or the part of fortune. This means that many people have natal charts which are not directly affected by them at all, and that those who are affected by the fixed stars should consider it very significant. As a brief demonstration, I will use the example you gave.

    I hope this has been helpful to you, Anon. In mythology, Sirius was the dog associated with leading, shining a light on a path, and bringing lost travelers home in the dead of night. Many cultures saw this star as the coming together of death and life the afterlife. Granted, your final destination is unbeknownst. Heaven or hell, he can guide either way.


    In the Greek pantheon, Sirius is the dog of Orion. Orion was depicted as a huntsman, a hero in the eyes of some, a villain in the eyes of others.