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In fact the sacrifice continues in this 3 ULP year. The 11 actually also assisting the MN 22 of which there are 2 in this month.

Occurring on the 11th and the 29th of this month. Both MN 11 days. This month is also exciting as there is a 33 Master Number occurring on the Thursday the 22nd.


As I have previously explained the 22 in Greek mythology, is usually associated with the feminine and "Hera". She will need lots of loving and nurturing or the opposite can occur, as she could very well be destructive. The will be 2 New Moons occurring on Thursday 1st and Friday 30th darkest sky. Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Thursday 15th brightest sky. After a year of sacrifice, one would hope for celebrations????

September There are no Master Number 11 days. There will be no Master Number 22 days. There will be no Master Number 33 days. The New Moon occurs on Sunday 29th darkest sky. Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Saturday 14th brightest sky. This month is remarkable in that the no 2 ULP returns to take from the 3 after being dominant since April October The 10th Month. There are also 3 Master Number 11 days, occurring on the 7th, 16th and 25th.

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Where normally ULP 2 would occur. There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in October The New Moon occurs on Monday 28th darkest sky. Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Monday 14th brightest sky. Given the above, you may be surprised at the 11th month to follow. November The 11th Month. The New Moon occurs on Tuesday 26th darkest sky. Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Tuesday 12th brightest sky.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

December Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Thursday 12th brightest sky. So for the year being an Eleven year we will concentrate on the number No delaying those resolutions in this year. And why the Spanish, I hear you say. Because they have the most fun partying!

Say I.

Sun Numbers in Numerology

We start with the year as non-reducing, and we still have to add in the day and month. So we will also concentrate on the number 2 as this normally follows the 1 year that was If you happen to have a child born on this day! The Full Moon occurs on Tuesday 2nd brightest sky and you may have noticed that the moon has been waxing getting bigger and brighter this prior week? Whilst the New Moon occurs on Wednesday 17th darkest sky. Ladies I feel you should all reward yourself on the Friday Sunday and Tuesday that this number occurs. There will be no Master Number 33 days in February The Full Moon occurs on Thursday 1st brightest sky.

Whilst the New Moon occurs on Friday 16th darkest sky. There will be no Master Number 33 days in March The Full Moon occurs on Friday 2nd and Saturday 31st brightest sky. No eclipse here as happened on January 31st. Whilst the New Moon occurs on Sunday 18th darkest sky.

I have had to make some corrections to the above. I think I need an editor! The month of April has been up-loaded.

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As previously mentioned, the calendar produced by the City Of Kwinana is proving the most accurate so far. So well done to the persons involved in putting this together. At this time of year with the Full Moon esp. This has caused the calendars produced in the Eastern states and readily available in local newsagents to be inaccurate. This is further exacerbated by the daylight saving practiced by the Eastern states, compared to the West.

It has been fine since I returned from my previous Melbourne trip. Coming on by itself and beeping all the time. It played up with me once at the beginning of this week. It's the spirit of Eric again, you know my neighbour that passed. He wants me to publish his visions and their meanings to me. He will not rest till I do. Kristy has pleaded with me to turn it off at the main board before I leave for Melbourne.

So this is one write-up I will continue when away in Melbourne, as I will be relaxed. I will always return. I am also late doing a favourable Trip Advisor write-up for this destination. The spirit of Eric is so Pxxxxx Oxx! This is the morning Friday 9th after the afternoon of Thursday 8th that the Aircon.

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Technician inspects and reports no fault with either the Aircon. If you have already planned a baby for this year, then congratulations and good luck for a healthy baby in this , 11 year! If not, and you do want to have a baby then you may wish to follow our plan of conceiving a 33 Universal Master Number. Yes the waning and waxing moon coming up in March will affect your conception. And if you don't believe me. Then my possum was conceived the same way.

Numerology: Birth Date Number on the 18th day of the Month

Hi Renee! According to the Pediatrician my possum was due on the 28th of September still a Libran baby. But when the Ultra-scan was produced it confirmed a delivery date of 18th October Renee was eventually born on the 15th. Hello my Benny boo boo bear! If you have conceived in the last few days since Thursday last week then congrats.

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You may get a ULP 33 master number baby boy in November. If not then we help you conceive a baby girl. As November is shaping upto be a monumental month. Not just for the year anniversary since the signing of the Armistace. By tomorrow nights end, I will publish my revelation of this fantastic month. And we need more 33 ULP baby girls. In the mean time you guys, can start refreshing your memories on high school human biology and the X and Y chromosomes of the marathon swimmers Vs the sprinters, in helping you conceive.