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Once you stop long enough to look at them, it's easy to rise above it all and keep going. The problems crop up when you are too far out on the tip of your arrow to slow down and deal with the small stuff. You appear to be going along just fine for the moment — but you know as well as I do that the other shoe is bound to drop.

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You'd do well to stay ahead of the curve and avoid the hassles that arise when we overlook the obvious. Full text. Tags: Horoscopes , horoscopes , Metro Times , astrology. Switch to the mobile version of this page.

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Detroit Metro Times. Jump to comments. Speaking of Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency issues new rules for medical marijuana certification Nov 11, Latest in Horoscopes Horoscopes Nov.

More by Cal Garrison Horoscopes Nov. Readers also liked… Horoscopes April Apr 4, Most Popular Most Read. Sensitive and deep, this is a row of rare talents that are to be used with their heart open and their acceptance for their own shadow unquestionable. The story of Sun and Pluto appears in their second planetary row, putting a strong emphasis on inner change and learnt beliefs that are to be let go of so their authentic personality can be touched. Their tale is that of contacts with the other world, but also of panic fears and holding back, swallowing emotions, until they are ready to explode.

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They need to learn how to flow with moment, accepting their reactivity as a natural part of their personality instantly, and with honesty towards themselves. Carried by much bigger things that one's personal story of Self, the real challenge of Leos born on this date is to collect enough details into one whole, to see how much support they are actually getting. New beginnings and life will present themselves when they widen their perspective enough to see a much bigger picture. It is the main task of those born on August 20th to find unity, oneness, and the true power in the center of their being.

They are to create, from the point of darkness into the light.

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Passionate and deeply emotional, people born on the 20th of August wish to merge with the perfect partner, their soulmate, someone they feel on a much deeper level than the rest of mortals around them are able to. They find joy in change, and this can lead to a state of depression, irrational choices, and passionate encounters that lack emotion if they close their heart along the way.

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It is important for them to let go of the past and decide to heal and regenerate from bruises of failed relationships, so they can find the one that will support them and accept them for exactly who they are. Manipulation and obscene images can be a part of their love life, but they know that it is in their power to break free from any bond that troubles them. Although some of them serve simply to show them the strength of their own personality, it is important that they find the point of love after a breakup, forgiveness and see how end is necessary in order to transform and cleanse their emotional world from toxic patterns and issues left to them as inheritance.

Leos born on the 20th of August excel in extreme and dangerous activities, times of crisis, and all those supportive leading positions that are needed when times get rough.

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They carry their light deep and see others through their weak points and bruises that can be healed. Able to help others cleanse their inner worlds too, they do best when they are connected on planes invisible to the human eye.

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A stone that will balance the intense energies of those born on August 20th is pyrrhotite. It regulates the flow of electrical changes to all systems of their body and aligns the meridians.

This is a crystal that helps these individuals let go of fear to be ready to dive deep into their unconscious world finding gifts that will set them free. Unusual in meditation, it leads one to thoughts about grand resolutions and life changes that will fix what is broken and heal their lives. It aids the birth of miracles. To choose the right gift for a Leo born on August 20th, you can go with anything that any Leo would appreciate.