Pisces march 5 birthday horoscope 2020

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They have an affinity for lovers who combine intelligence with good looks. Nothing bores a March 5 person more quickly than a date or mate who has limited wit or interests. March 5 people are likely to enjoy a special status in their family. Unfortunately, they tend to play favorites among their children. Though they love all their kids, they cannot help but be drawn to the one who possesses a unique intelligence or talent.

March 5 Birthday Horoscope

March 5 people often suffer from breathing difficulty, which is often stress -related. Learning to deal with tension can have health benefits.

They, particularly young women, may suffer from a negative body image. With their fascination for language and the written word, March 5 people make excellent novelists or journalists.

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March 5 people have very little talent for handling their own financial affairs. This should be left to a professional or a spouse. March 5 natives may not feel they have achieved their goals unless they have had to fight for them. They have an instinct for controversy and enjoy the chance to overcome it through hard work.

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The idea of accepting help, even in the form of encouragement from loved ones, makes them uncomfortable. Your friends and family are impressed with your psychic-like intuition, but they are most appreciative of your selfless nature.

There have been multiple instances where you sacrificed your valuable time or resources for the benefit of another. Your connection with water allows your personality to take on the adaptable, changeable and fluid qualities of free-flowing water. Much like other water signs, your connection with water puts you at ease in the deep, mysterious seas of emotion.

However, be careful to avoid becoming too fully submerged in the waters of emotion, as this may bring about moodiness or overly emotional states. The Pisces is subject to the planetary rule of Neptune, but as you were born in the second Decan, or part, of the sign, the Moon also lends you some of its planetary power. Neptune, being the planet of refinement, connects to your compassion, vision and inspiration. On the other hand, the Moon, the planet of reaction, can be credited with your emotional receptivity, intuition and nurturing qualities.

February 19: Pisces

More so than any of the Pisces Decans, you are willing to do anything for anyone. You are a natural giver and rarely expect anything in return. Although this makes you vulnerable at times, it really is one of your most admirable qualities.